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    If you wish to speak to the leader privately please ensure you have spoken to them prior to the ride departing or seek advice prior to the ride date.

    Rules and Conditions of Membership of Mukyriderz Cycling Club (aka The Mukyriderz):
    1. Helmets are mandatory. Helmets must be worn on all rides, and must be fitted and adjusted correctly. Mukyriderz Cycling Club holds the right to refuse attendance of riders who do not have a helmet.
    2. British Cycling Code of Conduct apply to all riders, whether they are British Cycling members or not. A copy of the code of conduct can be found here
    3. Bikes must be suitable for the ride and properly maintained. This is the responsibility of the rider/owner of the bike. Mukyriderz Cycling Club holds the right to refuse attendance of riders who do not.
    4. Riders are requested not to join rides that are beyond their level of ability and endurance. Members are asked to seek advice from a club official beforehand if they are unsure.
    5. Members are responsible for their own personal safety whilst on Club rides (Group Rides, Club Rides, Club Trips, Led Rides and other Club Events)
    6. The Club or its staff or officers cannot be held responsible for personal injury, loss or damage to the property of any member.
    7. Members have a duty of care to others and property.
    8. The Club reserves the right to withdraw membership of any member who behaves in a manner that may bring the Club or the sport into disrepute.
    9. Cycling is a potentially hazardous and strenuous sport. You are a member of The Mukyriderz because you are an enthusiast but do not ride beyond your level of ability and endurance.
    10. Come equipped to all rides with suitable clothing, spares, refreshment and, if possible, a mobile phone. Also bring an emergency telephone contact list and some money for emergencies.
    11. All members are encouraged to have an “I.C.E” telephone number programmed into their mobile phones. (ICE = “In Case of Emergency”)
    12. A toolkit/spares should always be carried and include, as a bare minimum: inner tube(s) and puncture repair kit, tyre levers and a pump. We highly recommend also carrying brake pads, allen keys and spanners or multi-tool, a gear cable (inner), chain link extractor, a few spare joining links to suit your chain (or a chain quick link) and a few cable ties. In the darker months you should also carry ‘get-home’ lights – front and rear in addition to your primary lights
    13. Declare any medical conditions or medication that you are taking to the Club and make sure you always carry medication if required (e.g. inhalers).
    14. It is each member’s responsibility to carry any medication needed for any condition (diabetes, asthma etc.) and you should inform fellow riders of special assistance that may be required.
    15. There is no minimum or maximum age for an individual member. This applies to both Senior and Junior membership categories that exist.
    16. Junior members under 18 years should be supervised on Club rides by a parent or other appointed responsible adult. This adult must be appointed by the Junior’s parents/guardian and made known to club officials. Juniors can only take part in club rides if a parental/guardian consent form is signed
    17. Club members must not promote themselves as an employee, staff member, volunteer or club race team member without seeking approval and written permission from the Club Chairman.
    18. Mukyriderz Cycling Club holds the right to amend these rules and conditions of membership as and when required.

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